Enjoying the leisure time to realize a relaxed lifestyle Dora TAUZIN’s way of living

Happy style of Dora TAUZIN

Pure Parisienne, ms Dora TAUZIN who is my favorite person.

Happy style of 55 by her

  1. I will not put up with the present for the future
  2. My likeness follows the action
  3. To live like yourself prioritizing and acting
  4. Even if it is tired, it is OK. Do not limit yourself to whatever you like
  5. The point of dressing is whether you can fascinate people and be fascinated
  6. I think about devising and putting on
  7. When I am not feeling I will buy underwear
  8. Express your personality and charm with fragrance
  9. Loneliness goes on as one and only partner in my life
  10. Secure time and space to be happy alone
  11. Have a mind to enjoy walking and have time to spare
  12. No permission for lovers or families is needed for new challenges
  13. Just tracing the order is not life
  14. If you can fully enjoy your time alone you will not be impatient
  15. Learn self-confidence and strength by living alone
  16. First I think what I can do without using money
  17. Enjoy coordination without using money by using antiques
  18. Find lots of creative life that can not be turned into money
  19. Do not narrow my choice by age
  20. The secret of a smooth marriage life is to secure a couple’s bedroom from sharing of housework
  21. Even during child rearing I play at night at least once a month
  22. I do not sacrifice myself with housework or child rearing
  23. I get a lot of praise from the boyfriend
  24. Men should be gentle from men even if they are not in love relationship
  25. I will not be late for dating on the grounds of my job
  26. Surprise is more pleased than the present of harmonized schedule
  27. Sex needs acts to fill beauty and energy
  28. I do not ask friends’ age but I do not change their attitude
  29. Having a few male friends who can be trusted as human beings
  30. Always curious
  31. Learning a foreign language changes the way of life
  32. Do not be afraid to change the environment
  33. Enjoy trends and casual encounters without setting goals for life
  34. Do not pretend not to look
  35. Express beauty not by youth but by aura
  36. I am smiling after saying what I want to say
  37. Aware of behavior that looks elegant according to TPO
  38. Hone your senses to find beauty whenever you can praise people
  39. Be cute to yourself leading to beauty
  40. Living surrounded by what I think is beautiful
  41. I think that it is an obligation to claim own opinion
  42. It is also a place to exchange views during meals
  43. First apologize does not pass
  44. I do not mind even if being told I do not like them
  45. Do not save your anger inside yourself
  46. I realize myself is one who will cause a revolution
  47. I will try my best regardless of my age
  48. It is a pleasure to be able to make a different choice from people
  49. Practice your own rosy life
  50. Save for a vacation
  51. Vacation will experience the five senses willingly
  52. Do not eat without wine
  53. Nightlife is more fun if spots and myself are enigmatic
  54. If you enjoy everyday life you can open the party soon
  55. Room decoration also reflects personality     

©2006,Dora TAUZIN, printed in Japan

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