Love is Eros.
Lovers who are surely attracted to each other’s souls can live well.
This is one of the lessons learned from Plato’s Dialogue.
I want to create the eros part.
However, according to modern human morals, the whole body of men and women leads to a very vulgar climate.
I stopped recognizing sex as just a reproductive act.
I’m trying to break the stereotypes that have been planted by society.
It wants to turn vulgar things into hidden noble things with high artistic value.
I’m excited to break away from certain behavioral patterns.
It was in the final year of junior high school that I learned about the fact that sex is the birth of a child.
I was embarrassed about the process of having a child.
And I felt a secret to a woman who became pregnant without knowing the content of the act of sex.
I want Eros to become an element of conversation that is born purely in everyday life.

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