Escape from Japan

Escape from Japan

An increasing number of Japanese people want to escape from Japan by destroying Japanese nationality and acquiring new nationality

I think non-conforming people in Japanese society should move overseas, but moving overseas is not easy.
I think that the best skill for working overseas is a web program. Anyway, the Internet is indispensable in modern society, and we expect AI to
continue to evolve. Inheriting traditional culture is important, but Japan is a backward country in living in modern society.
I myself am a person who wants to move overseas, but the current situation is quite severe, and there is no guarantee that moving to a developed country will ensure a balance of life work.

The important thing is to work in an industry where demand is growing the most in modern society

I think that the working environment in Japan will gradually improve, but I recognize that the actual Japanese society is a difficult place for
foreigners to live in.
I have been thinking about life, Japanese society and human beings while being lonely for several years, but I was able to give a definite answer.
Things that are important for life, things that are unnecessary for humans, human emotional trends, and environmental issues.

Watching the behavior of people trying to fill a boring life into an exciting space. I feel uncomfortable with various international issues and human immorality, but I want to deal with tolerance. I do not intend to impose principles or claims on others, and I want to end my life by keeping up the challenge and experiencing time. If you live with patience like a tortoise and an instantaneous power like a rabbit, you can succeed.

The point that studying anyway breaks the current situation

Social security
These keywords betray us
What you can rely on is your own effort

I’m not currently thinking about moving overseas
Has the ability to adapt well to Japanese society
Knows to compromise and accept harsh real problems and unreasonable challenges
I know the importance of putting up for the future ignoring the delicious treats in front of me
I know enough about the dark shadows of Japanese society and I don’t want to give up sincerity
Understand the meaning of working

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