EU withdrawal problem in UK

EU withdrawal problem in UK

Everyone will be interested in this problem. Will Britain withdraw the EU? As you know that many European countries have defined a variety of issues with immigration issues. I feel like most European foreign countries are no longer immigrant countries. Even though I know even everyone adores Europe, the actual Europe will be different. I dont wanna say that, but I think there are problems with africans coming to immigrate and foreign countries in the Middle East. Simply accepting immigrants is not a decent solution and there is absolutely pros and cons for this problem, both of which are correct answers and mistaken answers. Most foreign countries of the color race are so called single ethnic countries. Although it is my personal story, when traveling to Paris in France and there was a place where there was no whites in some areas. Among them, overwhelmingly the percentage of blacks accounted for more than half, it is influenced by historical background. Certainly they think that they are going to immigrate to Europe for economic reasons by impact of political background. I guess their mind that it is strong longing for Europe and white people. I can understand that feeling actually. I also know extra because I actually aimed for migration to Europe. But in my case it was not the purpose of immigrants because of economic difficulties. It was a simple admiration and I wanted to go somewhere far away. I dont feel that I want to immigrate to Europe now. First of all, it is a special thing to do migration abroad itself and every country is difficult to migrate abroad. It is true that Europe can live a better life with culture and economy advanced than other foreign countries. In my case of my country it is a developing country, especially for working people. Problems related to this problem are about refugees. The acceptance of refugees obviously pays the tax burden on the country, at the same time it is obviously a burden to the lives of people as well. It is very important to understand feelings, but in fact it is very hard for accepting side. Even if they refugees could move to Europe, they will be dissatisfied. Most refugee people can not get a good job. There are social classes in Europe as well, there are lots of jobs that people do not want to do. I think that foreign countries other than should accept refugees more. Just as I said earlier that they admire Europes and can speak English and French generally. I think that the possibility that they will come to immigrate to Asia is very low. I think that it is white as a result that leads the world and for example, asian people like me can not lead the world.

I think that the climate of Europe is basically easy to spend, so I think that it is one of the charms from foreigners. I am not a European person, I dont know the true feelings of white people. In short, in any country thinking of the interests of the country. I think that you can understand by thinking in the opposite position. I think the definition of back calculation is very important I am no alive. I can not say anything about this problem. But the only thing I can say is if you continue to accept refugees and immigrants as it is, there is no doubt that it will be difficult to avoid a crisis situation. God bless all refugees and European nations.

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