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Humans can not rule human beings

I think that the Ukraine President was decided and the world was a bit surprised.
Because the new Ukrainian president is a comedian.
There are various rumors that Ukrainian presidential candidates were receiving assistance from Russia.
Anyway, the Ukrainian people will be expecting the birth of a new administration of Ukraine.
But sadly human beings can not rule human beings.
Are there any national leaders moving politics as the Bible teaches?
I feel that the situation in Ukraine with problems such as territorial dispute with Russia and population decline is very severe.
I do not know in detail about the situation of foreign countries more than 9 thousand kilometers away.
However, if there are two countries who do not know to compromise, their relations with Russia will never be good.
The Ukrainian flag, which is dyed in two colors, yellow and blue, is unique and one of the interesting states for me.
According to the world’s demographics, Ukraine’s population change is on the decline.
I predict that the increase in migrant workers and the declining birthrate and aging of Ukrainians are the cause.
However, can we unite with the globalism that is enshrined in the world?
Because I have distrust in politics doing unfair political activity, I can not stop participating in the election.
I simply can not have hope for the whereabouts of modern people who do not live according to God’s teachings.
The nation of the world is formed with disjointed thought and feels giving up to the world without a sense of unity.
Every time I see a human being who rejoices and rejoices with his neighbors, I really feel that human beings are truly unfinished creatures.
There is still a drawback to the system of capitalist economy that enhances competition and feel the merits of communism.
I think that it is not for the fall of the space of freedom but for the time to love someone.
God continues to forgive the evilness of humanity that repeatedly makes mistakes again.
We should reaffirm that the negative part of today’s morals is the key to happiness.
For example, I am always sad and angry to receive the comfort of God.
If you are happy or relaxed, you must receive suffering and anger from God.
You may not want to waste some time, and you may not want to be searching for something to find.
I think that the Ukraine presidential war this time was a battle between actors and chocolate.
In addition, I think that it is good to pay attention to the Ukrainian government and foreign countries’ interest in building new human relations in a hurry.
I think that we should notice that human interest is changing to daily habits and keeps getting tired of trends.
Who should relieve the stress of the manager who becomes lame due to poor management?
Do you know that if you live with a big gate or short path and misguided thoughts, you will come back with an unfortunate fate later?
If you break the current thought and plan once and try again from the beginning, you can amplify vitality.
I remembered the dead eyes of a $ 200 Ukrainian college student girl who worked 12 hours a day.
I can understand frankly the Ukrainian people’s behavior tending to go to work without getting hope and to marry foreign wealthy people.
It is thought that the Ukrainian girl who gets married 30 years of age or older can not afford any economic power.
A person who realizes that there is a limit to what a person who can not rule the world can do is a winner and a wise person.
On the other hand, human beings of developed countries nurtured in a rich environment feel that it is difficult to become a spiritual winner.
It’s not only that I live in developed countries but do not feel happiness is not rich in spirit.
I am strongly dissatisfied with the lack of my own potential and the unfriendly family environment.
The Ukrainian government wants to keep new Ukrainians in Ukraine to seek happiness and to obtain happiness.
Recently I was able to understand why God strongly urged people to maintain the status quo.
The only difference between the sad appearances of Sri Lankans and the joyful appearances of Ukrainians.
I have thought that the scenery seen from the place of killing scenes is the place of beginning and end.
I think that the leaders of the nations of the world in the east, west, north and south are really working hard because they are doing God’s work.
The people should be aware that the national leaders can not take care of their lives and give the government some consideration.
Human beings can do their best to protect others and not help others’ lives.
We don’t know which one of capitalist and socialist is God’s society.
Those who live in a socialist state tend to go to a capitalist state in search of freedom, but conversely those who live in a capitalist state have a weak tendency to go to a socialist state.
I think we should find more middle grounds and become an allegory and ascetic.
I realized that I was able to acquire resistance by continuing to fail because I was rejected by job interviews at 10 companies.
I’m thinking about the second option now because I expect that the job interviews for the remaining three companies are likely to be rejected.
It’s not bad to move to Ukraine and try to live a second life.

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