Everyday experience


Everyday experience

I didn’t wake up this morning.
But I put away the futon without sleeping twice.
Immediately start the computer and start producing animation videos.
But be sure to check the news.
It’s painful to get bad information every day, but you can’t escape from reality.
Investigate the cause and statistical data every time you get unpleasant information.
After all, there are no revolutionary discoveries or inventions.
The mass media is simply deliberately making a big noise to brainwash the masses.
That is the truth of the world.


Summer is the best season to run.
I’m running with long sleeves and shorts.
And I’ve been hurt my left knee recently so I can’t run 7km every day.
That’s why I set it to 7 kg for 3 days a week and 3 kg for 2 days a week.
I go running at noon on weekdays.
Well I’m running with patience to sweat while watching the scenery that doesn’t change anything.
However, running to the sports park cannot be done fast due to the influence of traffic lights.


Every morning I have breakfast for the rest of last night’s supper.
It is difficult to get used to the situation like a disaster.
However, he relies on philosophy to overcome his daily painful mental distress.
It is a great answer to start learning philosophy assuming that the current hardships will last a lifetime.
I began to realize again that it is not enough to simply do aerobic exercise and unify the mind.
Everyone hides their own hardships and plays the perfect human being.
However, every time I learn philosophy, I can instantly discover the lies and essence of human beings.

Instability stabilizes

If you are far from society, you forget how to make a flattery.
But I am confident that the unstable state will surely stabilize.
That is the basis for thinking about the establishment of life.
It is imperative that bad things happen after good things.
On the other hand, good events occur after bad events.
It’s okay if you can be patient until a good event happens.
Those who are not good at patience for a while will be satisfied with cheap and good events.

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