Everyday life


Everyday life

What I want to know about people’s concerning is not uncommonly thing for general people I guess. Uhhh then I feel it takes practice of taking a lot of pictures and viewing plenty youtube channels, it feel likes a man trying to find something like moral hobby or essential items for future.
Recent my custom of spending pastimes in midnight is watching TV program of foreign document somewhat. I have curious topic is that people who is struggling find good job is surviving for living and fostering family everyday. I just have to be serious such a thing. There are so many problems in front of our lifetime and it looks like destiny stuff for human. It won’t get it through as people saying every time and what I do think of humanity is keep adjusting own potential and motivation. It must be patient for solving any resolutions anytime.


  1. Unstable humanity
  2. Too much informations
  3. Unlimited desires
  4. Mental health
  5. Keep working
  6. Relationship
  7. Global economical situation in nearly future

Answer oneself about things

Why don’t you wanna get marry?

A. I have no idea how to keep saving physical and mental health when I do struggling everyday life.

How do you feel about decades later?

A. Negative. Maybe it might will be able to keep staying.

When did you noticed importance topics of life?

A. When I was 29 years old.

What does meaning that it goes to see friends for you?

A. We aren’t able to bear being alone while you got annoying things from society.

Are you going to be better than you thought?

A. I hope so.

Who’s your loved person?

A. Don’t know.

Rat race

I myself absolutely think about repeated habits in our life. Very exhausting lifework for us that it must have noised pollution from plight.

Subject Model Wanted

I am recruiting people living in Japan who are aiming for professional model and will cooperate as volunteer for portrait photography

Application condition

  • People who are okay to upload to YOUTUBE or blog
  • People who cooperate free of charge(Volunteer activities)
  • Men and women OK
  • No age limit
  • No nationality restrictions
  • No race restrictions
  • Even without model experience okay
  • Foreigners who can not speak Japanese are fine


Detailed overview

Currently I am an amateur photographer aiming to be a professional photographer.
I have a camera history of 8 months and I have some knowledge of the camera and I can do a portrait as it is.
I am studying every day in self-study without studying at a camera vocational school.
It is very troubling because there is no subject model necessary for practicing portrait shooting if it is a style studying alone.
Anyway, I have to practice a lot of model shooting and I can not approach the professional photographer ‘s technology and now I’d like to practice focusing on portrait shooting anyway.
I am afraid of free photography cooperation but I think that it is a very good opportunity for those who are aiming for professional model.
Basically you can choose pictures to upload to SNS.
Of course, those who are not aiming for a professional model are okay, but those who do not like being upgraded to SNS can not apply.

Please do not hesitate to contact me :]

Thank you

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