Everyone can not succeed


Everyone can not succeed

I understand that everyone wants to succeed
If everyone succeeds, things will go wrong
So not everyone can succeed
However, we hate successful people and lose their confidence
But I think each definition of success is different

Enroll in a good higher education institution
Joining a good company
Becoming popular
Get an honor
Living in a luxury residence
Having a handsome husband
Having a beautiful wife
Own a luxury car
To go out

I’m convinced that all successful experiences are conducive to crashing
I want to beat the rich head sunbathing at a tropical resort
My definition of success is different from the definition of worldly success
I want to make my own existence special
It’s not about becoming a popular person or making a lot of money

People fleeing from the pain of labor

I know the pain of simple labor
Know the poverty of low-paying labor
I know how hard it is to eat a bad dinner every day
But the reason why I can not blend in with the world is because I want to keep being special.
I think that if you are satisfied with the life of the town it is a proof that you enjoy your life enough

The fear that the gears of desire never stop

A few minutes of hallucination
Hearing for a few minutes

Can not quit alcohol or cigarettes or party or sex or interpersonal refusal

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