Everyone does not want to work for the company


Everyone does not want to work for the company

After all, everyone doesn’t want to work for the company.
But you have to go to work to get a living.

Choice of family formation

Life is not just making children for prosperity.
The moment of pleasure is the responsibility of a guarantor for a lifetime.

1. Find the opposite sex
2. Desire to interact with the opposite sex
3. The opposite sex and desire to have sex
4. Enjoy the delusion of the ideal family image
5. Reason disappears, only sensibility remains
6. Wedding
7. Ceremony
8. Home and car loans
9. Insurance fee
10. A position where you cannot leave the company

Single choice

1. the suffering of loneliness
2. Defy the life and fate of the original life form
3. Suffering from jealousy due to superficial things
4. However there is no stress in the house
5. An environment that facilitates mental unification
6. Living cost only for own living cost
7. A position where you can leave the company

Round trip between two stress spaces

I don’t think artists should make children.
However, artists who have lost reason have children and can’t concentrate on their creative activities.
You have to watch out for the trap of momentary pleasure.
And superficial depictions are virtual images, and I think we should ignore short-lived hedonists.
I want to avoid the situation where we have to balance human relationships in the home with those in the company.
However, those who have children must definitely pay for their children’s college and living expenses.
The pleasure of ejaculation.
Pleasure in the womb.
I think God is giving humans a trial to regain reason.

Repetition of creation, walk, creation, bedtime

I myself have actually worked about 10 times in the company.
People who do not work at the company also work monotonously and repeatedly.
It is not defined that not working for the company is good.
Working in the morning and taking a lunch break and resuming work in the afternoon are the same.
I can change my progress and location every week.
Because you can’t come up with a good idea without feeling fresh.
However, people who work for the company cannot change the location of the company, breaks and working hours.
It’s a repetition, but you may just be struggling with the same environment and the same work.
I think that is the biggest pain of working for a company.

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