Everyone is suffering

Everyone is suffering

Have you ever thought about such a thing even once, that person is doing well in life? I really think life is well formed. There are too many things I think to be honest and it is unfortunate that only myself is unfortunate, but in fact everyone cant feel the same. Now I have to grasp firmly what I must do now and I can go forward by convincing myself and I cant convince even if other told me. What think carefully by yourself and consent yourself and rule yourself by yourself is gonna help you when you got some troubles. Anyway I had a bad influence on social media and I feel recently that I need to organize information once more. Just thinking if you think that you can only do what you can and can not do by looking directly at the reality and thinking hard but thinking about a breakthrough but having emotions like politicians who are hard to find. I stop telling the work and thinking carefully and telling myself that I can restart work again. In the competitive society I am striving to win in this competitive society with the key to becoming a stronger than other competitors. And then I thought that it is important to raise your own value. Even though I did something with other people, I thought it was necessary to go on strange things or something different from other people. Even if no one actually calls this blog I keep writing this blog because I believe in destiny and believe in god. Do not be swayed by social media and feel strongly that you should go to the way you should go anyway. I will trying to start doing something I have to do each time again without consulting someone and having fun chatting and distracting me from time to time. I have many talented people better than myself I am a child admitting them but I think that only I can do it and I am good at only giving out the maximum originality. I cant judge whether it is success or failure by anything. Indeed it is inevitable to have another weaker person who will escape the reality every time he draws a painful figure like a painful future faced in the face of a realistic problem. I am trying my best in everything that I can not see and I strongly think that I wanna be there as well. I like the way of dutch painter Vincent van Goghs living. It isnt my mind that the firm belief that keeps on doing no matter how the result is born looks so beautiful. Because humans are originally weak creatures it is natural to accuse a mute or to blame others because they are natural. I usually sleep at around 10 oclock in  the evening but it is 2 oclock in the morning to get up and I am doing creative activities and studies from that time. As I said earlier, Im curious and want to make a difference more over than people somehow. I strongly believe that challenging ands entertaining various things without regret as it is only one life is also the real pleasure of living life. It is very uneasy to do things not done by people, but thats the way experienced by former great men. I want to disseminate it in the world pursuing originality somehow by devising anything in myself.

It is a basic story but it is a well known fact that everyday life is boring and I dont want to commit life to everyday life. One thing for me to do is to give children one thing. I have argued that I would not be able to pursue a challenging work that spent my entire life if I dont consider myself to be very positive about marriage. But it is final form of destiny that everyone inevitably dies without fail anyway but I think that living by considering death is very useful. Im very interested in what will happen after death and I have no fear of death at all because I always think of death positively. I think that it is natural to fear against death as long as there is obsession with respect to living. I think that I will slowly gradually slowly and surely learn the basic things properly.

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