Everything is that it is best to enter from the narrow gate

It is best to enter from the narrow gate

I have been put in a situation that is not very successful, and I’m very worried about it recently. It would be nice if I could finally convince myself, and nobody could define what was successful. Every morning I think about the schedule of the day before waking up and trying to get up to clear small goals and challenges. Because there is always a cause for the result, even if you can get a good result, it is very surprising or calm. I think it would be nice if I became a human being and contribute to society even if I became a lone, I want to die in love. There is a third interview to get into a good company and it’s my first long-term job hunting experience. Up until now I was trying to get in through the open gate because I was thinking of trying to solve things quickly in an easy way. I’m aware that after all the act of making a mistake, it always turns around. I am convinced that I can get through the narrow gate well by becoming a more rare character than others.

The present thing will be the story of a long time ago

I am not in a thrilling situation where I do not know when I will die, but in fact I do not know when I will die. I think that it is not good to think about the long-term and throw away the determination that has been done up to now, because I think that reference is to the people around me. I think that I would never want to throw away my feelings to dispel my uneasy feelings and throw away my own accumulated convictions and dreams. I believe that the theory that you get stuck if you try to succeed in the shortest and fastest way by breaking the process until success is true. As a video editor, I have to work on improving my video editing skills on a daily basis and work hard with obsession. Even if I could not admit the power of myself to the public in this life, I think it would be nice if the next generation of people would appreciate their work and become popular after someday they died. It is a fact that there are many expressive people who are not evaluated at all before life and are evaluated after death. I think it is better to live by encouraging that the current situation will be successful but one day it will succeed.

There is no final form

I can not ask anyone for salvation, considering that everyone lives alive to protect themselves. Everybody always struggles and I feel like a creature that has something like it repeating. I think human beings may have a fate that they can never reach even if they try to reach a final place. I do not know why I feel emptiness in my daily boring daily life, but it is real that I feel emptiness. The moment I’m writing a blog this way on a rainy night is a moment of relaxation for me and I cherish such time. There is a doubt that oneself can make a good life by making judgments and decisions. It makes me nervous and frustrated when I remember the past in a quiet night. I don’t know if I was in love with a Chilean woman, that I wanted to move abroad, or that I started doing creative work was really right. There are a lot of feelings of self hate and I may not have confidence in myself. It’s too much to regret, but now I hope that I should be addicted to my worthwhile things and make a leap. It’s God who made the difference between the senses of each other I like to ask God in heaven there is a mountain.

Feeling to convert from unrequited mind to both

Everybody is sure to fall in love or to fall in love, and humans are growing creatures. It was about the age of 29 when I began to recognize that marrying in love and living together was a decisive difference. When you are in love it is an unrealistic romantic life moment, there is no reality there. I am affirming that humanity’s greatest entertainment is love. It would be true that you would like to enjoy the entertainment of love all the time until you die, and I think that everyone wants to love and be loved by someone. However, it is an ironic story, but because love is a heat and a living thing, it sometimes gets cold sometimes. The love of incongruity will soon disappear and humans will cry sadness and anger. That is why I can agree that it is best to forsake love and forget as a way to live life better. I don’t like being unstable, people are bored and there is no good talk.

Sex, sex and sex

Dramatic pleasures are unforgettable and addiction to the moment they ejaculate for a man. It is a fact that a man is seeking a body and there is no love for a man who simply seeks only sex. I think that there is no heterosexuality to reproduce and reproduce for homosexuality. The pure kindness and curiosity of human beings are valuable, and for me women are only mere owners of different constitutions and systems. Is my sensibility that I have an impulse to love someone who takes a serious approach to something wrong? It is no wonder that the elderly couple’s walking appearance looks like a beautiful bronze statue. The love of human beings and the desire to breed is evil and unnecessary.

My wish is that I want to continue to love the rewards until I become a big library

Even if I know my face, I don’t know the everyday sloppy appearance of life style. I may have struggled between human love and theoretical and inhuman ideas, but I finally want to choose human love. I am not going to chase women who have passed by in front of me, but I want women who have met in the past to be happy and I do not want to forget my existence. I want to be a great library with a lot of knowledge and experience as someone else’s source. I may be looking for a woman who is destined for a moment of rest while receiving reality. But I still do not intend to switch from passionate art or creative activities to women. Since I can not get happiness in superficial colors and shapes, I want to acquire a bond that explores the inside. I’m thinking about going overseas while watching the sunset with the background of the landscape in the countryside. It is God who will judge me and I always live with the eyes of God in mind.

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