Excess is not good


Excess is not good

Nothing turns out that excess is not good.
We feel we are learning from the coronavirus.
Excessive labor and consuming human beings have produced dangerous chemical weapons.

Concerts and sports watching will not be held forever

1.The era of long-distance communication at home has arrived.
2.The place of gathering disappears, and modern people continue to be challenged.
You can enjoy music and movies on Youtube.

If humanity does not rehabilitate, another new virus will attack

The car is still running outside the window.
And they are doing economic and breeding activities.
The new coronavirus revives the depraved spirit of modern people.

Let’s throw it all away and change it

If the spread of the new coronavirus subsides, mankind will continue to seek unnecessary desires again.
We hope that the vaccine will be developed early.
However, if this sense of crisis disappears, environmental pollution will accelerate again.
1.Excessive drinking causes a hangover.
2.Excessive food intake leads to diarrhea.
3.Excessive sexual activity increases the likelihood of AIDS.

Excess causes catastrophe.
So I don’t do too much creative work.

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