Evening exercise

It is indispensable to exercise to remove anxiety factors

I was wondering what I could do to improve it under mental instability. I understand the importance of going out, but do not obliterate studying at home. Because my family environment was bad I could assert that in my house it was a place like a solitary cell filled with stress. The state full of fulfillment is the best in both mind and body, making environment is more important than anything. It is hard to make freedom and relief in the space of your family by symbiosis and what you can get in a communal life is a free time that you lose in a pleasant resonance time. I do not want to get married and I can not get married and I would like to recommend that we should not marry everyone. It will die if it gets in such a condition that it becomes more mental load.

Dating is the best entertainment in life

You should not add pressure to yourself more than you need in a situation where everyone can not afford mental. I doubt whether it is possible for today’s modern people to build a world called peace. I do not know whether it’s fun to send a life going on a roller coaster every week at an amusement park. I dislike every dispute, I am an ultra pacifist, I just want to live quietly and discreetly, I have burned down my nest of desire. I think that a woman has the instinct that he wants to hold a big body man to hold him and fulfill his mother’s role. It is terrible that women are tolerant to children forever and I respect women. People are asking for love while seeking love with each other’s instincts of love. But it can not be laughing all the time and it is always there when it is in a difficult situation. Every time I face a realistic problem the calculation becomes high and I become a realist and I am pessimistic about love.

I would like to say we do not have to work hard

Everyone recognizes that nobody is bad and everyone is fighting themselves in life. I want to say that I believe that it is painful now but surely will be a good result. I want you to concentrate on looking at the scenery quietly without thinking anything.

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