I’ve got two experiences and it meant regret and complement after all.

Nothing to expect about it.

We are able to expect it!!!

Controlling emotional as expecting is importance.

  • What exactly are you expecting now?
  • Is it certain correct?
  • Are you sure?
  • Before I make a decision I ask myself like that unless three times over.
  • It may seem to distinct everything
  • Always our conclusion is about to educate us to grow up for next time.
  • Logically we will be able to expect and also prejudicing upcoming result or problem or anything like that.
  • Let me take for example that some people who comes from poverty are seem to try immigrate to France.
  • Originally they are called refugee and their skill is maybe speaking French and English.
  • They just seeking to have safety and life and trying to escape from there.
  • As you knew that a number of refugees in each euro countries are monopolizing some ares in big city which are Paris and London and Berlin and so on.
  • I understand their strict and hard situation. 
  • Actually we all people who can afford to spend safety life on social system are follow their life by distribution NPO.
  • Basically for them that is not everything to get Paris and some permission for immigration.
  • Every time I see some democracy on Paris Main Street and then it shows such a unsatisfactory to governments I know.
  • The point of them is getting pragmatic skills and find own effective part before left their country.
  • But I can’t help them except distributing.
  • I don’t expect to get good job in Paris.
  • I prejudice it that I’ll always waste times in Paris.
  • What if you are in stressful situation for a long time as much as anyone can’t bear it?
  • If I were refugee right now, probably I suppose to make same decision with them.
  • It is difficult to expect anything on hardly condition.
  • In anger and dangerous situations, we all can not be cool.

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