Every experience and precious experience

In the space surrounded by nature, I like the moment of boiling hot water in the bath at dusk on Saturday at a very comfortable moment.

As you can see, it is very disappointing that there are many young people who suffer from modern illness, but I think that there is no choice but to accept the reality.

If you are in a sad state you can halve the damage of a future event that will arise in the future.

I do not know how much individual person I have met strong person up to now, but I feel a bit somewhat in the endless universe.

I think it would be nice to be able to build something using the materials circulating around the world and I would like to continue as a provider’s position.

Although the world may be wide, there are limits to the size and number of the ground, and it is impossible to stay a few days in all countries within the lifetime.

Myriad applications and installers

I am working towards myself trying to provide entertainment to people using image and image expression techniques now.

It is repeatedly processing to process information and information from various sites every day and install information again as knowledge.

At 8 am, I started up my PC and changed into regular clothes and watching the news while eating bananas.

I think that it will lead to saving wasteful work gradually by arousing the brain while mental arithmetic of factorization and fraction multiplication, and relaxed time to read old books over the garden is not necessary for me.

Inside the refrigerator are cuts of vegetables, 1 pack of instant curry and 2 tuna cans

Honest feeling experience is useful for the future extreme poverty old age life.

What I understood through experiencing is that everyone suffers from being unable to overcome the problem of named disadvantage.

There are times when I am afraid that it is the most pleasant state while leaving the natural feeling as useless as it is.

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