Experimental life


Experimental life

I myself try to like experiments.
Continuing to experiment means continuing to fail.
Rather, I feel resistance to success.
Anyway, I feel fulfilled by experimenting.
You can experiment and see the results, but don’t neglect the analysis.
There is no chance or uncertainty, and emphasis is placed on necessity and rationality.
And I think learning philosophy and mathematics is very important.
I am re-learning from junior high school math at the library.
And the goal is to reach a difficult level up to geometry.

Only failed works accumulate

There is no successful work.
And since 2018, failed works have been accumulated.
I’m happy with it.
I lost the feeling of loss of self-confidence due to failure.
It was in a state where it could not be afraid of failure.
This is a happy story.
I’m not learning from my mistakes.
So I just know how to succeed.
However, he has no intention of abandoning his sense organs and producing a copy of the success method.

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