Explosive impact

Soft artworks are not acceptable to whites and blacks.
I want to imagine strange objects like never before.
I am convinced that it is important to carry out artistic activities against the morals of ordinary people.
I think we must break away from common sense and orthodox law.
The reason I think it’s ridiculous to follow the same way anymore is because I can never succeed.

I just have to keep stocking and create a masterpiece

1. Become a true artist like B’z
2. Ignore artists who do not pursue creative activities in search of popularity
3. Recognition that the attitude of releasing works every month is the same as that of a company employee who is just producing factory products
4. Don’t seek for popularity, don’t compromise on creation time for masterpieces
5. Stock even works that you think are useless
6. Switched to upload YouTube videos once a month
7. The attitude of continuing mass production of bad works is like human activity in East Asian countries
8. You should refer to works with explosive impact
9. You should pursue pictures, images, and melodies that will last a lifetime

Break common sense

Do not create works similar to past works.
It can be recognized that the meaningless and low-rated work has become a way of expression and work of the future 30 years ahead.

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