Expressing a comeback

Expressing a comeback

I think that if you express the depiction of a human being with a revenge spirit, you will be impressed.
And I’ve been thinking about impression recently.
It reinvents the difficulty of inspiring and inspiring.
Anyway, expressing something interesting does not motivate the life of others.
Creating entertainment is easy.
Entertainment creates the darkness of modern society.

What you want is the misery of others

You can get motivated by seeing the description of the documentary.
I think that the misfortune of others is a lesson and reminds me of my self-defense instinct.
And I remember my reason when I’m in anxiety.
Then, on a documentary program, he overlaps himself with a person who is in a critical situation.
It’s like playing the main character in a movie.
I can’t afford to be touched by the depiction of the happiness of others.
The work of a really recent artist is boring.
I’m disappointed that there are idiots around the world who charge for it.
After all it is important to recognize that it is strictly forbidden to approach the masses.

Physical pain

After finishing my creative activities in the morning, I run at noon.
If you run in the summer, you can sweat a lot.
You can’t work in the afternoon unless you put out all the energy in your body and get rid of the extra mental illness.
You have to understand that you are getting older every day, and it is beneficial to live while being aware of death.
Anyway, I think it’s a test of human mental strength when it’s physical pain.
The area around the house is set as a running course.
I often make depictions of running in animation production.
I wanted to leave a message that what humans need is to run other than breathing.
There are animation characters walking, sitting, talking, and sleeping.
But I think the best dynamic figure of human beings is the act of running.
I think it’s a running depiction when expressing a human being who revives.

The brave figure of a human betting on a comeback

Former professional boxer Lee’s comeback and former high school teacher Jack’s reinstatement.
People live different lives, but experience several major failures and setbacks.
There are few people who try the second or third challenge, but dozens of challenges and continue to revive.
Most of the time, it will be the second recurrence for the general public.
But as an altruist, I want to encourage the resurrection of others.
He devises and produces a motivational video for a comeback.
I think the fighters who have retired many times are wonderful.
There are various circumstances, but I would like to express the wonder of taking on challenges with sincerity.
After all human anger and sadness are important emotions.
No joy or fun is needed in my expressive activities.
That is because suffering and sadness absolutely turn into joy.

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