Eye glow when sharpened


Eye glow when sharpened

Although I will not issue a specific personal name here, I am convicted that the poor and disadvantaged environment has influenced the time when the former famous musicians, singers and writers left their achievement. I think that the tendency to lose good works and goods to the world if the environment is endowed by economic success can be understood by looking at the celebritys background of the decreased. Anyway I would like to keep saying that I can never be happy if I get rich. I think that the vitality of children in poor families with great ambitious is not an odd power and I am convicted that their environment is never poor and I believe that human essential money I think that the admonishment is the revelation of the bad part of capitalism. I think that mental well being should be given priority first rather than economic happiness and the important thing in life is mental well being is the most important. For example, Vincent Van Gogh, a famous painter worldwide, has continued to draw masterpieces by his poor and wealthy environment. I think human beings tend to seek psychological and physical pleasure by having money. Everyone does not know from the beginning what they want to do in just one life. I think that most people are afraid of poverty is a type of instinctive self defense that avoid hunger and physical damage, but I think that money that can live rather than an extreme money desire is the idea that it is bad is the correct answer. Walking, taking a rest, walking and the condition of a person are different, the way is divided according to my spiritual condition in the flow of one day a day.

The hungry wolf must not eat a fat pig in front of me. Sometimes I think that human beings are essential to a sense of balance. Certainly it will be said that if you go to work aimlessly from the desire to succeed early, you will gradually lose physical condition and spend the wasted time with the worst result that you can do a good thing. If you feel physical condition is bad recently I strongly recommend you to rest your body immediately. It is important for us to work efficiently with good wisdom, and the process of growth is a lifetime. If you want to change the result, trying to change your mindset is absolutely important and it is not in vain to tweak the direction each time. For example, I have a story like this, it is harder for a rich man to go to heaven than a dive in a hole the camel opened with a small needle.

Which way do you want to go to heaven or hell?

Which world do you want to go to in the world where you feel ever happy and the world suffering forever?

We should understand that obsession with money is the influence of mass media, and we must admit to facts.

I avoid my hard work to earn fame and a lot of money in the world I am satisfied if I can set up the minimum necessary life and challenge time in my case. Going to the countryside to ask for peace of mind, going to the city to earn a lot of money, and having desires is a burden after all. It means that human beings must always narrow down to one.

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