Sometimes we need fasting to let all digestive organs for a couple days and actually Ive been trying to do that since a couple of month ago. Maybe our whole organs is always getting weak every time we get old and its inevitably happens to us. Day to day I am looking for the best of treatment for health, especial a matter of trouble with illness is mental stressful I think so. Because Ive broken my stomach because of stress due to long time working hours of work everyday. There were so many else reason and then I never couldnt afford to preserve mental damages for a while. So it got worse until I couldnt work anymore. Hospitalization is the most troublesome thing for us. What to be careful is the contents of meal and regular aerobic exercise and meditation, all thing is that I wanna recommend patients to try to do right now. Its probably an unusual way to keep maintaining health condition that fasting.

I think almost people cant even just one day to accomplish fasting. In fact I cant be able to do that even now. It must shame that despite being doing  it long ago. Its not easily way to treatment than just taking medicine and change a bit meals content on a regular basis. But its outstanding effect that pulling out one meal a day, just one day. It is most important to make it a habit for accomplishing, all of the thing is most difficult at first basically. The recognition that it is a temporary period will bear fruit as a result I think. Everyone has a period to train perseverance and things to be tested as a human being. In depends on motivation of the principal.

What is purpose for treating physical balance? Too serious illness to cost living is fact and we dont wanna be like that. Its too hard to keep core exercising for a couple decades. What to eat for whole bodys each parts that is simply burdening every time to mass an amount of meal truly. It has been damage for each organs and we have to image of the appearance of organs working in our body everyday. Let them rest while I noticed the point of health treatments. The most important is imagination, and just try it quickly. It doesnt devastating condition.

  1. Breakfast
  2. Dinner

There are two times meal breakfast and dinner a day, in my case that dont need to have lunch to take some nutrients. Because it already took it by breakfast. Besides Im not capable to work again if I would have eaten lunch even a little. Keep having concentration for working that is certainly not to allow compromise anything everyday. Having lunch is going to lose concentrating power and decreasing original motivation.

  1.   3. No junk
  2.   4. Stifling ridiculous desires

Such an intention is willing to help and patronage our lifework balance.

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