Fate comes


Fate comes

Who is the fate?
I changed my marriage partner to fate.
Someone destined to come someday.
In other words, the act of searching for a marriage partner is wrong.
If the fate isn’t coming, he knows it’s a sign of a ban on marriage.
I think it is important to control your own emotions and live according to the flow of nature.

Guardian spirit

So I believe there is a guardian spirit on our back.
And I don’t know if the guardian spirit is an ancestral spirit.
I just believe in fate.
But can’t we seek love?
It’s a story about courtship and marriage.
I think it’s about ignoring the theory of things and not asking for a soul mate.
It is wonderful to be courted.
I think loving is the greatest pastime in life.
You have to be careful because you can’t understand the feelings you love.

Destiny is not my ideal person

It is natural to seek the character and appearance of an ideal loved one.
However, there is often a disproportionate relationship with the ideal person.
Dating and marriage are different.
Do you look at beautiful actress posters to relieve anger and sadness?
What can relieve stomach pain?
I think it’s hard time to understand the meaning of true happiness.

Dating site

Basically, it is not good to judge by appearance and look for a soul mate.
In other words, I don’t think using dating sites is good.
I myself have only once registered on a dating site.
But in the end, there was a paid member system, so I gave up immediately.

The pain of loneliness and the harshness of the real world

In today’s modern society, it is highly likely that no one will come.
There are few opportunities to meet fateful people outside the Internet.
I think God will reduce the population of the earth in the future.
The result is an adverse effect, with the world’s population increasing year by year.
What does this mean?
Modern people who lack the patience to wait for those who are destined and God’s guess are contrary.
I think it’s better to meet face-to-face with a soul mate for the first time.
You can work hard to realize your dreams to distract the pain of loneliness.
But what do you do to distract the harshness of the real world?
Liquor? tobacco? car? Eating out? gambling? Upset your morals?
Can you work after another 8 hours of work if you are tired in the real world?
The only way to curb this desire for a mistress is by reason.
God decides whether to marry or not.
I think that reason and judgment should be added.

Crime and childbirth

Crime and childbirth are life-threatening items.
Why giving birth and giving a child upsets life?
I think the freedom and openness of this single person will stop the runaway of desire.

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