Festival march is a festival


Festival march is a festival

There is no salary for the demonstration march.
Taking a break from work to publicize your attitude of justice is a march.
And will politics and the world surely change after the march?
I have seen the same events and incidents many times, so I am not shocked by the tragic events.
The mental state of modern people is paralyzed.
Human beings have a sense of security and social benefits by repeating something.
And we can see how we never give up people’s desires.
Demonstration is not a claim, it’s a community and a festival.
You may find it fun to get together.
The attitude of actually stopping economic activity and changing the world is brave.
However, the world still has news of tragedy every day.
Shouldn’t we feel a sense of crisis about the density of people?
Yet they continue to retain habits.
In my house, I am working toward my goal of senile death without asserting myself.

Humans who want to monopolize their desires

I want to be a popular person.
So I want to enjoy it at attractions.
The representative says he is in a difficult position because he has a heavy responsibility.
I feel stress on the nation of the representative of the world called America.
However, it is true that there is disorder in other countries.
And then I didn’t feel strange that the world’s standard language was English.
But now I’m refraining from speaking in English.
I actually stopped dubbing English into animation.

Other personnel

Black discrimination will not go away.
Political conflicts and the desire for monopoly do not go away.
However, the worsening of global warming is progressing.
I don’t feel anything about the depiction of crying out for justice and denying others.
And I’m not impressed with contemporary art.
Make good people in bad times and make bad people in good times.

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