Fight individuality

Fight individuality

Self-esteem gets hurt and depressed if you dislike your own dislikes.

Although this may be a surprising way of thinking, self-denial can grow and succeed as a human being. Life will inevitably change as long as you survive self-denial for yourself for a certain period of time and then change the direction to live by correcting your own inevitable part later. There were lots of disappointing here recently, but there were lots of hardships but now the reason why I gradually began to rectify in a better direction is the pursuit of self denial and philosophy of life.

It is the core part of the agenda to objectively view ourselves.

It is obvious that others will be hurt by being pointed out by the part of their own complex but if you can take it slowly over time it will know what you have to do. There is no such thing as a textbook of each persons life for every person, so the sense of being in a state of the feeling that my own way to think and decide by myself is a necessary opportunity to live stronger in the future.

Complex is real personality.

If there is a law that you can succeed if you use the complex, most people can not succeed because they can destroy the ideal image by accepting a complex. What I would like to say is that advising people who want to succeed should fight personality.

Firstly, you have to set a period of disappointment and depression for myself once. The period of enduring disappointment is different for each person but in the case of myself I got disappointment from about 2 weeks to 3 weeks. In the meantime, you do not have to work hard, you should let your heart and body rest and refresh. It is boring to strangely apply pressure to oneself and think about lifes perspective and past myself etc, to reset the life. The original consciousness of nature can not be changed at once, it has to change slowly little by little in a long period of time and it will be disappointing to say that it will be unfortunate that it will be decided in a frustrating manner that can be said from life experience.

It is a fact that there are as many people as smart people and sports abilities superior to themselves as the number of stars and it is important first to start to recognize themselves as unnoticed beings this is a hurdle for those with high self-esteem, as a matter of fact it seems I can not get to the next step of growth as a human unless it gets over.

  1. Environmental arrangement
  2. Knowledge of experience success stories of successful successors
  3. Stop a fixed habit everyday
  4. I can not do this but I will do the screening that I can do it
  5. An idea of doing things that can only be done to myself that suits my personality
  6. Pessimistic to optimistic thinking about failure
  7. Stop raising self-esteem
  8. Special skill to make a strategy
  9. Recognition that there is always a premise for every result of things

It is impossible to get all the knowledge within the world that the world is really wide and there are lots of things I do not know about.

At first it is best for individuality to be an enemy for yourself, but to personify your personality.

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