Finally I have a job!!!

I have a job!!!!


A few days ago I was thinking of aiming for a bartender, but I re-analyzed myself properly.
As a result, I felt that it was the most disgusting to feel hard time and gave up the bartender’s work.
At first we collected information and tried to judge by self-analysis at the end based on other people’s experiences and opinions.
I tried to sell all camera equipment and appliances and make career changes to aim for asset labor.
I am not enjoying drawing on the vision of the future in my plan for several days, but I am struggling to pay the National Health Insurance premium.
We are working hard for skill up while being troubled with payment of National Pension Insurance premium and National Health Insurance.
I saw a beautiful woman yesterday on the way back from my job interview.
The messenger and the beautiful woman waiting in front of the light are talking happily and I felt jealous of the messenger.
At that time I wanted to move away from the two people so I ignored the signal and went straight ahead.
It would be painful to think that I might have talked with the beautiful woman if I was running in front of a messenger.
I was stressed by yesterday’s bad luck for me, a fateist, and I deeply hate God.
After I took a shower, I went to a convenience store to pay for National Health Insurance because I received a bill for this month’s National Health Insurance fee on my way home.
On the way back from the convenience store, I was harassing my bicycle from the back and I felt uncomfortable.
At that time, the human coexistence society is stressful by nature and we can only choose the loneliness or the stress of coexistence life.
Even if I become a beautiful woman’s lover I saw yesterday, I think I will feel stress and have more problems.
I might have been unable to help because I was tired of going to a beautiful open space in Ueno Park after a job interview.
In hot weather I’m starting to realize that I can go to distant places quickly for free when I’m running on a road bike on a city road.
About 20 kilometers from home to Yoyogi Park I go to Yoyogi Park every Saturday and I’m looking for foreign friends.
The road bike tires are so thin that when you cross the step between a public road and a sidewalk you get off the road bike.
I’m going to go to a job interview with two delivery companies this week, but I want to start a messenger business in New York in the future.

Debut as a messenger after several weeks of training

I have been working for two months now.
I studied video technology by myself and acquired basic skills and moved to the city in March of this year.
I was thinking of working hard as a video editor in the Youtube industry.
However, the actual society did not recognize my background and technology, and I was searching for something without a job desperately.
I still wanted to protect my conviction that I could not compromise on my dream of migrating abroad or pursuing a creative job.
I wanted to do a job that would not adversely affect global environmental issues and decided to challenge the task of bicycle delivery.
I still lack assets, need skills and experience, and have redrawn the vision of the future five years from now.
Everybody can not choose the type of job he wants, and it is a competitive society in the end, and we are going to be a winner.
I think that the four-year oil painting pursuit period and the one-year study of photography and images for me were never wasted.
Last December I was satisfied that I bought a road bike and it was a really right decision.
I actually sold high-grade gadgets a few days ago, but I have acquired enough technology and I do not regret it.
Even though I bought a $ 1200 road bike I still have to buy a helmet and water bottle support tool and map.
Five years later in 2024 I have decided to make a big challenge and I have to make her a foreigner.
I left the company voluntarily last June and studied the work of various creators and posted it to social media.
I can not move forward even if I work while keeping my private and I may be trying to become a celebrity.
In the world of the Internet I would not hesitate to post my photos and videos and would like to publish more works.
I was desperately searching for my own rewards and trying many fields because of the pain of simple work.
I think I should finally be able to color my life with my own decisions and that we should keep trying with patience without fear of loneliness.
It is no good to continue against the fate, but I understand the importance of patience and my conviction is to challenge.

The reason I had been fulfilling on the way back from the job interview at 1:00 pm was because I was adopted from the company as a messenger.
I was suffering from yesterday’s love for another person, but today I am the happiest day and I feel it was good to have patience.
I finished shopping for $ 7 and took a shower at home, drinking coffee and writing blog posts.
The training will start from next Monday, but I am not nervous because I understand enough social experience and philosophy of life.
Being able to make sound judgments if you live by understanding various information and social mechanisms can not be dominated by emotions.
It took me two months to get a job, but my goal is to create stable asset income and assets of several tens of thousands by the age of 40.
It may be hard to go to work for a few dozens of kilometers, but I feel troubled with subway connections and I prefer to go to bicycles.
I have been biking a distance of a few kilometers from my previous job home to my office, and I have always wanted to wake up and work.
I’m not going to celebrate that I was able to find a job today, but I want to give up on myself and I really want to love myself.

Youtube activities, blog management and messenger work

One day I would like to travel the world with my lover and want to share information about global environmental issues via the Internet.
In the remaining time of my life, I want to maximize social service and want to impress people, and I want to live without being influenced by the immoral trend.
I want to continue my creative activities and I want to sympathize and resonate with people all over the world.
In fact, I just hope it does not make sense or I really think that I want to make a comeback in my life.
I feel a sense of security in the image of office workers traveling on road bikes in urban areas I really think I am a philanthropist.
I was originally supposed to wear a suit and commute on a packed train, but I was ineligible as an office worker.
Living as a physical worker may be my mission, but I cherish investing to align various options.
I have not traveled abroad since I finished studying English for one month in the UK in 2013.
I want to be an individual and I want to be a special being, taking care of all the harsh reality.
It takes a long preparation period and effort to realize my dreams and goals, and I have a serious habit.
So I want people to understand the importance of regular lifestyle and investment.
I feel daily the importance of not giving up cold winds in our lives.

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