Finally, pray to God


Finally, pray to God

1.God listens to your prayers.
2.God is alive.
Don’t think about the future.
It is important to think now.

What is a rich life?

I am a Christian.
And I profess that I am a Christian.
It is stupid to reject God.
So it is important to love God anyway.

God, not politics or economy

Politicians are human.
Politicians are exactly the same people.
So there is no point in relying on politicians.
The economy doesn’t matter.
1.Not free.
2.Not a desire.
It is all about loving and thanking God.
This is a thankful warning from God.

Just pray

I started praying again.
Watching a video of Christ Church online Sunday.
And listening to the teachings of Christ, the discomfort in the throat disappears.
This is a proof that God is alive.
I trust in God.
So don’t be afraid.


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