Find your love


Lack of love is painful

It is wonderful to love
And the lack of love is painful
Masses who choose to fight reality for love
I am avoiding the battle with reality
It is painful if you have a jealousy

I want to seek a feeling of uplifting
And I want to end my loneliness
My choice for abandoning love is right but wrong
Life is difficult


I tried using a dating application called Match
Of course it’s a free application
Meeting with the opposite sex is not a street corner, a park or a bar
The only way to find love in the present age is the Internet
I am not immersed in encounters with the opposite sex
I’m just trying to add some arrangements to my life

I was thinking sitting on a park bench
I’m thinking of trying to trade one problem with another
I realized that I could not evolve unless I graduated from a lonely life

The state of loneliness is wonderful
24 hours of solitude gives freedom

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