Firmly identify the nation

Firmly identify the nation

I have not always decided a foreign image.
I believe it is important to recognize the negative aspects of foreign countries.
In other words, people should recognize that America is not a real world like Hollywood movies.
There are as many stars as people who have been deceived and failed by the virtual images of entertainment.
Anyway, I think it’s important to realize the horror of the effects of entertainment.

Is foreign equal good person?

Are the whites and blacks kind and kind?
It is nonsense to define a national image with the image of a foreign movie actor, actress, model or popular singer.
I do not usually contact foreigners, so I cannot judge a foreign country calmly.
I have never quarreled with interracial people like whites and blacks.
In other words, I have never had a bad experience with interracial people.
Therefore, he has the concept of a foreign equal person.
I think it’s an important experience to cause troubles in human relations with foreigners and regard whites and blacks as individuals.

East Asian countries image

In recent years, Korean music groups have been active in the world.
The image of East Asians may have changed.
I’m not a Korean myself and I can’t understand the point of view of whites and blacks.
But the situation is completely different.
I have a longing for America.
But after all I have never been to the United States and have no plans to go to the United States in the future.
I think Korea is doing the same thing as the United States, which was brainwashed in the entertainment industry.
Can I actually go to the United States and meet BloodPid?
Can you go to a beautiful actress if you go to Hollywood, Los Angeles?
The paranoia created by oneself is a factor that destroys life.
In conclusion, the image and the real world are completely different.
And the reality is great.

Attitude not to long for Europe

I myself feel that people all over the world long for Europe.
I think there are many people who have designated overseas travel destinations and immigration destinations in Europe.
But I do not yearn for Europe.
I think it’s most important to have a habit of thinking about the essence of things before going to the actual site.
The topic of Eastern Europe is only beautiful Western beauties.
France has only beautiful streets and Scandinavia has a stupid image of no crime.
All the unreliable news is confusing in the world.


I recommend everyone to watch foreign documents on Youtube.
It is important to watch the documents and know the truth in order to calmly judge the nation you long for.
In other words, its purpose is to dispel the superficial image.
I want the entertainment industry to decline.
The entertainment industry is perceived as a terrible business that brainwashes some masses.
After all, paying for the entertainment industry to digest the goods leaves nothing.
Enjoying movies and music does not really benefit you in society.

There is no bullying nation on this planet.
Corruption exists in all national politics.
Experience the unpleasant feelings in a foreign country, and you can get cool.
Think of the essence of things to make wise decisions in life, and see for yourself if possible.
We hope that more than 7.8 billion humans will not be brainwashed anymore.
All information should be arranged once to pursue the

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