First year of labor

First year of labor

I left the company last June and I have learned and experienced various things until this May.
And I have been working today after a long time
I started a messenger job using a road bike
I was supposed to do office work as a video editor in my original plan, but the reality was severe
I think the cost performance was good because there were no special conditions for going to school in my own career change
However, I have sold various high-end equipment and I think I was able to grasp the current situation of Japanese society
After a few hours of sleep I am writing a blog post now
Commuting means it is not easy to travel more than 30 km from the office to your home by bicycle
I am working at $ 11 / hour as a training system in my mental unrest
It’s hard to run through the office buildings and slopes in the city in a hot and humid environment, and I am working hard to unify the spirit
I am planning now and planning to move to a rural country town or abroad about five years later
I first want to move to a foreign country in five years, but I have to clear many conditions there
It is not easy for me to do financial activities individually to increase assets or improve language skills, and I feel that my ability to communicate is still inadequate
However, I understand the importance of continuing the effort, and I want to keep the traces and impressions of the daily effort
Someday I want to live in a quiet natural environment and feel the need for a place to express
I want to cherish the process from getting independent and earning a stable income and I intend to gain a lot of honest knowledge and experience
There is a reality that you can not work with freshness and curiosity for the work of this messenger
That means that I have experienced a wide variety of occupations and have experienced so many experiences that I feel that the depth of my experience in life is gone
For me, I am used to the working environment in Japan and after all my final goal is not to be creative while living in the city
I want to move abroad and get new values, coexist with other people and send out various things to social media
I simply can not be an engineer as a video editor, but still searching for my own theme through trial and error
Running in an office building will see various foreigners and it will be a bit exciting and I feel that a good synergy is working
I don’t think special to other species, I can not afford to think only of myself
I feel that it is honestly painful to concentrate and collect information and upload Youtube videos after 8 hours of work
I can afford after securing stable income and I’m thinking of creating a new front in a few months’ time
First of all, on holidays I can do various creative activities in the time of two days on Saturdays and Sundays, and I can only do my best for five days of work on weekdays
Today I was able to gain various experiences as I did orientation work at the office in the morning and practice work in the afternoon
I have to buy ice at the supermarket on my way home, as it is time to do plenty of hydration

Labor for health promotion and investment financing

I am working with bicycle, back, helmet, mobile phone and radio
I’m thinking of going to the center of the city on Saturday to cultivate land instincts, and this is for a kind of health promotion and life experience
I feel cramped against high paid office workers and I seriously consider my own way of life
I don’t want to continue the rat race and I’m thinking that my working period will end in five years
Meat is sold for sale at a supermarket on a night of weekdays and I am following the life of the people of the world
The reason I have been getting gastrointestinal up lately is because I feel stress in the environment and habits I am not used to, and I absolutely want to be an artist
In the daytime in humid rain, I am riding a bicycle, and it is very painful and physical fatigue is not rare
Still I am thinking about the future of the course after five years and I work with a little pessimistic thinking of the future vision
I feel that the moment I’m writing a blog is very comfortable and I feel that the feeling of fulfillment after I work is indeed wonderful.
It is a fact that I was thinking of trying creative office work from this year after getting out of the hard work days of last year
However, in reality I work hard again and do economic activities, and I hate the filth of this competitive society
I do not know how long I have to do economic activities while hurting my body, but I try to improve my daily sense of fulfillment and thinking ability
I understand that I feel uncomfortable for the ego that I want to be a company employee even in a poor situation, and I understand that the possibilities of each life are different
After I got home from work I watched the documentaries of the dead on Youtube and encourage self-development is for self-defense
I’m hoping to end my work this morning early this week, hoping for the opening hours of 9:30 from next week and I’m working hard to become an early independent messenger
When I’m biking in the office area, there are rich white people, black people and Indian people, and I certainly have inferiority to them
I want to express my own form of life, ignoring the life of the upper class living in class life, and I do not want to be rich
I am not dissatisfied with the unreliable situation because I know that life is well balanced
I am running on a road bike every day and my clothes and shoes get dirty
I felt like I resumed my work at the end of May’s holidays and my course has changed slightly.
I would like to see more people read my blog articles from now on and think about making money while continuing my creative activities
I would like to grow while biking more than 50 km every day and I would like to share various experiences
Since I woke up at around 2 o’clock in the middle of the night, I wrote a blog post for one hour in the middle of the night, and have formed a lifestyle habit of going to bed again
By starting to work from May 13, my current carious meat is decreasing and I am making the contents of the refrigerator ice, cabbage and lemonade

There is no need to limit your life

I have a little pessimistic view that various industries are repeating production in modern society, but this is unavoidable
I feel that it is a kind of human destiny that I can not but stop supplying the foundation of my life in order to keep it stable
I do not want to spend money on the enjoyment of life as the entertainment industry of various films and music is produced every week
The necessary human production activity is to produce the necessary items for food, clothing and shelter, and I do not need to supply unnecessary services for me
I’m writing a blog may be just a self-satisfaction or I pursue human philosophy daily so that I won’t be adversely affected
We have to eat in order to survive the production activities of the food industry that never ceases, and we feel that this is an important economic activity
I reaffirm that there is an unnecessary industry for the supply of the crappy entertainment industry
I think that there is only a sense of accomplishment and a sense of fulfillment after sleep and work that can heal us in daily life

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