Focus on animated characters

Focus on animated characters

I am paying attention to Mr. Takehiko Inoue, the author of Slam Dunk.
He is one of the popular manga artists in Japan.
He was absorbed in his slam dunk work in elementary school.
He’s as much a fan of his work as he bought a slam dunk video game.

Focus on animated characters rather than stories

The most difficult part of making a manga is making originals.
I’ve actually seen his documentary show.
He values ​​the character of the characters who appear in the manga rather than the story of the manga.
I was attracted to his production attitude, and I also focused on creating animated characters.


In my own interpretation, there are two elements that make up the human figure of an animated character.
Movement and voice.
I started to make a lot of personality and human figures by making a lot of depictions of animated character conversations.

To become the master of creation

The act of producing something from nothing is a supernatural work.
Even though I made animation videos so far, I could not bring out the established world view.
It is based on the personality and habits of humans.

Let’s update

Society does not update.
Let’s update our way of life.
There is no choice but to coexist with this dangerous infectious disease.
There is no risk of updating.
So I want to keep installing.

The world after the virus turmoil

The original life begins again in the world after the virus turmoil.
I just do creative activities.
But other people also make mistakes.

Thought change during the self-restraint period

I was able to change my lifestyle.
And I stopped running.
Instead, I started a cold water shower and cold water bath.
Touching the body with cold water has the effect of promoting the function of raising the temperature inside the body.
Improve metabolism.
Immunity improvement.
Promote blood circulation.

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