Foreign talent activities in Japan

Foreign talent activities in Japan

We often see foreigners performing performing arts activities in Japan with mass media
I am not interested in the Japanese entertainment industry itself
Japan’s entertainment industry today is interested in foreigners and foreign cultures

What is your impression of Japan?
What is your favorite Japanese food?
What do you dislike Japanese food?

Japan Youtuber interviews foreigners often
Foreigner Youtuber living in Japan introduces Japanese culture

Korea is also interested in foreigners like Japan

I am tired of mass media in Japan and Korea
People who boast and are satisfied with their sense of superiority are like children

Japan and Korea introduce their own culture like a fool
Japan and Korea are similar
Japanese and Korean people have the same sense of values ​​and sensibility

Japan is an island country located at the edge of Northeast Asia
So foreigners are rare
I think it is a convenient destination for foreigners and travel destination

Back Faces of Japan and Korea

To be honest, I am convinced that there is no perfect nation in the world
However, people try to move to another country
I want to confirm the severe current situation


Worst working environment
Hot and humid climate
Population density is high
Narrow house


Country is less than one third of Japan
Severe competition society
Population density is high
North Korea

Some foreigners actually live in Japan and Korea
However, few foreigners live for a long time

The majority choose Europe or Australia

I think it difficult for non-Asian whites and blacks to live in Asia
People of non-Asian people usually choose Europe or Australia
It’s definitely not a negative view
Northeast Asian character is still closed and decent
So I can not live in society with diplomatic behavior

I can not change the character of the race

I understand race, nationality and national affairs
I do not intend to persuade foreigners who are performing in Japan
Certainly foreigners are not dissatisfied with a sense of discrimination because they have a preferential background
I am born as a Japanese and feel unhappy
Incompetent Japanese must work in a harsh working environment
Japan’s quality of service and stress in Japanese society are related
Foreigners who do not know the daily labor situation like hell
I want foreigners to know true Japan

Foreigners do not know the back of other countries
It is simply influenced by entertainment and culture
I think I should try to satisfy my current situation

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