Four principles of success


There is 4 principles of success

Here is a series of four principles.

To know

To remember

To act


I call this the four principles of success.
Everything starts from knowing first.

And after you know it starts to remember.

What do you do after you learn?

The answer is to act immediately!!!

Overwhelming ability to act

If you want to succeed, I think you should strengthen your ability to act.
Most people misunderstand the four principles.
It has changed to thinking about the third action.
It is very important to act as soon as you learn.
You can stop thinking when you are acting.

It is nonsense to act after thinking

It is important to act first before thinking.
Results always come out after taking action.
It is very important to always consider various results.
It is thinking and analyzing.
I have heard that the act of thinking before acting is very nonsense.
It is just a dull action, and searching before action is useless.
And I expect a failure result.
Thinking why the action is bad leads to growth.


There is a quote that there is always a cause for the result.
The result is not a coincidence.
The result is that my YouTube subscribers are only one.
I know the cause of my unpopularity.
This is because my own ugly appearance, shy personality, and unpopular content.
There is something theoretically accepted and I’m not pessimistic.
I am convinced that a calm point of view is the element that keeps trying.

If you know the cause of failure, you don’t have to seek success

There is no choice but to go back and forth between acting and thinking until the cause of failure is known.
But once you know the cause of failure, you don’t have to continue until you succeed.
You should start to know again to move things forward.


Because it doesn’t start if you don’t know, it collects information on the Internet every day

Launch internet tools and watch Youtube videos many times until you learn

It’s surprisingly easy to act
It is important to manage the body to maintain these four principles of success

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