France, a country of immigration

France, a country of immigration

The fire at Notre Dame Cathedral shocked people around the world. I have to think about France, where various incidents have happened in the past few years. Clearly France is a major immigrant country for me. In other words, France is a nation of European countries but it is a multiracial nation. There are tens of thousands of people who migrate to France every year. The number of such immigrants can be known by anyone of the world population data statistics. Under such circumstances, I feel that the chaotic situation has continued for several years in France. I feel that the white state is no longer. In Japan where I live there is still a closed nationality in a country like the isolated country. Therefore, the people who come to emigrate to Japan are a minority, and still predict that Japan is a single race state. After all it is because of the original character in various races and I basically have introverted character of Northeast Asian races. Communication and ethnicity with Northeast Asian people called mongoloid are different. That’s why I am convinced that countries like Japan, Korea, China, and Mongolia will never be multi-racial nations. I think that it is a reality that I am not interested in the majority Asian culture of races such as white and black people fundamentally. It is true that there are minority white and black communities, but in the end it is a minority. The state of France is basically a white state, and white people have the ability to interact with multiple races. It is a fact that colored people around the world are admired in the rich and blessed climate of European countries. Korean singers tend to go to Europe regularly for concerts. Japan’s mass media also has a lot of European information on international-related broadcast contents as well. However, the state of France is a member of the EU, and there is no separation or bias from other countries.

I expect that more people will go to France more and more

Can France continue to accept immigrants and cultures from multiple races and other countries? I agree to globalize, but all things come to mind. Living with awareness that evils and collisions occur among proliferating organisms. I can only pray that I will not go in the wrong direction of this century filled with satiety and egoism. It is difficult to raise more incomes although it is the best by maintaining one’s own living standard. We believe that extending life and breeding will lead to a crisis directly linked to humanity’s survival crisis. There is no limit to human desires, I think human beings must stop the runaway of desires. Do you not think that there are various problems caused by the times when you can easily travel abroad? I didn’t go to the Eiffel Tower for a trip to France because I didn’t like the crowded French attractions. Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Caused Me Anyway.

Just as time passes, material things like buildings are going to collapse!!!!

So human beings should go away with the passage of time. I believe that wealthy living in peace has diminished our gratitude for human life. I remembered that I was singing the admiration of the sorrows of people in the French gunshot four years ago. These sad incidents are happening every year and people are just praying, praying and comforting. Is it because of the mind that such people’s actions seem stale? Are everyone actually taking action to improve the cause of the problem? Every time there is a constant incident or accident, I hate to live in the present age. I live with the question of how much profit will I feel?

  1. I am not impressed by human creations of historical buildings
  2. The objects I am impressed with are the nature and life forms created by God, this earth and the universe
  3. I feel that beautiful things are flowers, clear rivers, oceans, mountains, deserts and jungles. Humans have something like limit values and their potential is limited. I’m hoping for the technology that will be created by humans in the future, but not too much. I can learn from human sensibility and philosophy called genius, but the item to look for the answer of my life is still the Bible. The Bible is the navigation of life and everything for myself. There is something more important than historical buildings. I am convinced that it is this earth made by Gods creation and it is natural. I don’t think there’s any value for concrete blocks. I think we should plant all the buildings and sow tree seeds. News agencies around the world report on Notre Dame Cathedral daily for several days. It does not mean that the efforts of the first person are neglected, but all things that are in shape will be broken someday. We would like to invest in the reconstruction cost in the nature reserve in consideration of global warming from now on.

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