Francis and I


Francis and I

Francis is like my alter ego.
Francis, a very quiet and poorly communicative African refugee, is in conflict.
He is studying theology, but not philosophy.
So I’m having a hard time belonging to the community.
The words of the wise men in BC are credible to understand how things work concretely.
Perusing the Theological Bible is not enough.
It is difficult to maintain faith in theological teachings that include fairy tale elements.
He obediently fishes books in the library.
Expressing Francis, who is suffering from the awareness that he does not have sufficient mind control, expresses himself.
Francis has received external information that maintaining a quiet state is extremely stressful and inconvenient.
The setting was inevitable for Syrians suffering in Greek refugee camps.
I would like to indirectly express the current state of the war caused by the conflict between Israel and Palestine and the territorial conflict with neighboring countries.
The refugee problem around the Mediterranean Sea in southern Europe is serious.
Refugees who cannot afford to consider global environmental issues do not hesitate to emit greenhouse gases.
But Francis suffers from environmental problems as well as refugee problems.
I think it’s a repulsive spirit from humiliation branded as socially incompatible without being in the crowd.
It’s a valuable experience I got from my real life.

Refugees in the European working class

Some refugees have no choice but to accept the disadvantages of language disabilities and lack of skills.
However, I can understand the feeling of causing riots in the current dissatisfaction.
Asian countries also want to accept many refugees, but they do not have the economic power and tolerant culture of European countries.
There is no need to expect Asian countries, which are dominated by their own monoethnic-conscious nations.
Francis was a serious African refugee and adopted by an Italian fisherman.
Francis was a laboratory table.
I wanted to break the typical African image.
It is true that there is a quiet and serious black man.
However, there is no opportunity for Africans to convey their seriousness to the world in their own country.
There are countless blacks and Africans who are more intelligent and talented than I am.
There are many African and Middle Eastern refugees working hard in poor European jobs.
I myself simply want to express the preciousness of the existence of refugees.
And I hope it helps them.

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