Francis has a character similar to mine.
Exactly he is the one who wipes out the image of black people.
Really his old trauma forms his personality.
I wanted to describe an untrustworthy African.
He decided to make it more realistic, but then set him as a refugee.
I actually watched a video called Vice and learned about the current situation of refugees.
Expressing a refugee-born African-Italian is a great adventure.
There was also the idea of ​​animating my own image of human beings.
It is a fact that I have entrusted that hope to Francis.

Lone wolf Francis

He lives extremely seriously.
And it seems to be acting in a hurry.
I hope to let him learn to rest in the future.
To grow up, he must learn the importance of resting.
But he feels very clumsy.
It’s because I can read his feelings.
And he is reluctant to learn from others.
It’s just his true personality, regardless of refugee.
I want to give him a little slump.
It was a little stressed that he walked in front of Katy.
Also it walked away without even seeing Katy sitting.
He keeps stressing every day, and he doesn’t have a vent to relieve stress.

Lessons from Italian fisherman days

Certainly patience and physical fitness are the gifts of the Italian fisherman days.
He is secretly impressed by the patience of the Italian father of a fisherman.
That is approved for good education.
Although he is a genuine African, his experience of poverty in the African era further strengthened him mentally.

I want him to gradually change to an extrovert

Francis still needs interpersonal communication skills.
This is because the phobia of traumatic sadness in the past has broken his interpersonal relationships.
Francis, the most isolated of the group, needs a friend.
So I want him to take an opportunity to challenge his outgoing attitude little by little.
The introverts in this group are Francis, Smith and Bruce.
It can be recognized that the remaining six people have acquired some interpersonal skills.

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