Free action


Free action

I want to take the initiative in free creative activities and free charity.
People who have the conditions to move freely feel happy.
I learned the recommendation of Mr. Alan to look far away.
What a person suffering from depression needs is a reset of the mind.
I was wondering what it means to look far away.
He used the horizon for the words in his writing.
But that doesn’t mean simply looking at the distant horizon.
What the hell is that?
I interpreted the answer as death.
And I think that if we are aware that humans will die someday, we can reduce the mental burden and live.
So it can actually be told as an experience story.
The price I get for my daily free time is a dear life in poverty.
I have a desire to share with someone the extravagant time I can create something.
But collaborating on creative activities is different.
Creative activities are independent work, and you cannot continue creative activities unless you have an arbitrary stance.
However, there is certainly the suffering of freedom and loneliness.
But the prescription for the suffering of freedom and loneliness is to think deeply as a philosophical book.

A season of melancholy and comfortable creative activities

Finally, there is no need to seek a summer resort.
I can slowly concentrate on my creative activities at home.
Recently, while listening to the radio, I draw animation characters and draw each background.
I am practicing how to outline the face of a Caucasian race of Caucasians.
It depicts a world buried in seawater due to climate change decades later.
I think it makes sense to create it before it becomes a reality.
And I remembered last October in a cool daytime space.
However, I heard that if I think about the future and the past, I cannot be happy, so I stopped recollecting the past.
I always read two pages of philosophy books during the afternoon break.
And I am not impressed by the depiction of the masses of the dissidents in Belarus and the anger of the democratic people over the tightening of coronavirus regulations.
Every time I perceive the report of dishonesty from the daily report, I hope that the coronavirus-like immunity will be strengthened.
I am working to unify my mind while listening to stories about life on the radio media so as to dispel my unpleasant mood.
In a chilly room, I go into a futon and enjoy every word of the philosophy book.

Own rules

It’s not hard to keep things going according to your own rules, and you can keep doing it for the rest of your life.
Why are they suffering?
They are office workers.
My elaborate things change every week.
That would be a sign of boredom.
I realized that happiness always exists inside human beings and that they are suicide by their values ​​and cognition.
He was suffering because he had forgotten to exercise his most important reason.
I’ve been into the radio lately.
It is an action to regain the spirit of the original intention.
Of course, I’m listening to my mother tongue radio source, and I’m not listening to US military radio broadcasts.
I was absorbed in the radio when I was studying for college entrance exams around 2004.
At that time, I had no interest in creative activities, overseas affairs, or philanthropy.
I just felt that I needed to find the basics of myself while reading the philosophy book.
This may be a phenomenon that I myself am masquerading as a philosopher, but there is no confirmation.
A radio personality said something like this.
“I like to see someone happy. Rather, I don’t like gifts or service by someone.”
This is exactly the maximum condition for happiness.
The popularity of the radio personality made it clear why he was so popular.
First of all, I think it is important to follow your own rules.
It means following your own personality.
You can study something by setting an example for someone you like, but I don’t think you can be happy unless you really think about life.

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