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I recently thought about how I could work for a long time as a professional photographer. As a way to a professional photographer who is recognized by the public in general, I first joined the company as an assistant and I think that as a photographer for many years I work as a photographer while taking careers. Because the specifications of people are different at the stage of starting to a professional photographer, it can not be said unconditionally. I myself am now aware that it is never a young age at the age of 33 and is quite severe when I think normally. In order to complete the work of the camera as a professional it is the current situation that we can not yet acquire the equipment of all the cameras. The full size body of the camera that cost more than $ 3,000 is not cheap at all and I know that it is not useful when I actually bought a used body. I believe that it would be absolutely essential to have genuine parts and equipment if it is still going to be a professional job. As I said in my opinion this year I have to polish my own camera technology on my own but also expect each other within that. I think that it is necessary not only to learn the expert knowledge and technical terms of the camera but also to actually understand things logically in real terms.
I think that it is the greatest condition that goes towards success in an original way that no one is doing. In order to succeed. The connection with people is important, and I think that what is important in working freelance at work is still human relations. I believe that not only the technology of the camera but also the relationship of fine human beings to build up in the city center still to go to work. I think that planning is always necessary before all actions and risks should be avoided and I do not intend to commit a dangerous risk. I think that if you want to advise someone you should firmly understand the essence of things. There is no textbook in life and someone does not do something. I think that it is the most important to look at things in a long-term perspective and to develop strategies.
I have started to understand recently that the connection in the entertainment work which is made up of a huge business is important. In a sense I feel that my own sales activities are being questioned from the start. If you do not see the situation as a result in a certain period of time it will be necessary to change directions and it will be meaningless to wait. Do not panic and do not panic, there is no definition that you can succeed if you meet. Anyway, since various information materials are overflowing in the net, today’s modern society in which money is unnecessary separately and it is possible to acquire the information for free in order to obtain the information is surely rich. I still think about the people of the world that I can not use the net smoothly. The reason is that no one e-mails even if I write a story that I want to take portrait for free and use it for audition so as to write it in the net article. I think that everyone thinks by themselves that they are using it for their own sake by watching various information and sites through the Internet now. I can not read the books of the library where old information gathered, so after all I think that it is a smooth way to do a search every day on the Internet. I still am recruiting for free portrait shoots so please enter more and more.

Subject Model Wanted

I am recruiting people living in Japan who are aiming for professional model and will cooperate as volunteer for portrait photography

Application condition

  • People who are okay to upload to YOUTUBE or blog
  • People who cooperate free of charge(Volunteer activities)
  • Men and women OK
  • No age limit
  • No nationality restrictions
  • No race restrictions
  • Even without model experience okay
  • Foreigners who can not speak Japanese are fine


Detailed overview

Currently I am an amateur photographer aiming to be a professional photographer.
I have a camera history of 8 months and I have some knowledge of the camera and I can do a portrait as it is.
I am studying every day in self-study without studying at a camera vocational school.
It is very troubling because there is no subject model necessary for practicing portrait shooting if it is a style studying alone.
Anyway, I have to practice a lot of model shooting and I can not approach the professional photographer ‘s technology and now I’d like to practice focusing on portrait shooting anyway.
I am afraid of free photography cooperation but I think that it is a very good opportunity for those who are aiming for professional model.
Basically you can choose pictures to upload to SNS.
Of course, those who are not aiming for a professional model are okay, but those who do not like being upgraded to SNS can not apply.

Please do not hesitate to contact me :]

Thank you

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