French gestures


French gestures

  • Accord   ok?
  • Addition   please pay check.
  • Aller   go for it.
  • Argent   do you have money?
  • Attention   take care.
  • Avoir   you mistaken it haha.
  • Barbe   bore.
  • Bienvenue   welcome.
  • Disquer   hey.
  • Boire   what about one beer?
  • Bois   oh god..
  • Borne   nonsense.
  • Boule   it’s enough
  • Brr   oh it’s cold…
  • Calmer   calm down.
  • Ceinture   be patient.
  • Chapeau   you are much better than I though.
  • Chouette   it’s very well haha.
  • Come   hey hey.
  • Comprendre   I am not sure I got it.
  • Compter   one, two, three…
  • Couteau   there is fighting on.
  • Dire   I won’t say anything.
  • Doigt   I complete understood.
  • Echapper   Forgot it.
  • Entre   between us let’s about it.
  • Faire   no chance.
  • Fait   there you are haha.
  • Fini   finally it finished.
  • Fort   I am the best one than ever.
  • Fou   it mist crazy.
  • Foutre   I don’t care of your selfishly.
  • Gueule   such a bombed thing.
  • Heure   time is up!
  • Ici   come on.
  • Incroyable   it must unbelievable.
  • Jurer   I swear.
  • Jusque   it is enough
  • La   I can’t help it.
  • La bas   over there.
  • Laver   I won’t be there.
  • Magnifique   excellent.
  • Merci   no thanks.
  • Moi   me too.
  • Na   hey man.
  • Nager   it has annoying.
  • Nez   I missed such as an opportunity.
  • Non   no no…
  • Oeil   no way…
  • Parfait   I’m helpless to you haha.
  • Peu   little bit
  • Pleuvoir   oh, it has rain.
  • Poil   lazy man.
  • Pommade   that guy is cheating on it.
  • Pouce   bore.
  • Pouvoir   can I remark it?
  • Rien   I’m done with it.
  • Soul   drunk.
  • Super   best one.
  • Taire   shut up.
  • Telephoner   I’ll call you later.
  • Terminer   It’s over.
  • Tete   it must kind of esteem.
  • Tirer   let’s get out of here.
  • Toper   let’s deal by it
  • Venir   get over here.
  • Voila   That’s all.
  • You don’t have to pronounce some accent parts.
  • Basic word bonjour is for foreigner that importance keyword with conversation.

Ce la vie、hahaha。

Let me guess about what happened to us with French lover.

So what if you foreigner wanting to date with French friend?

It’s totally about to have conversation in French and at the beginning I am suppose to convey my own warm for them.

Surely I originally am interested in interracial relationship. Here is best point for us differ national character’s naive.

  1. Sense of humor
  2. Joke
  3. Uniquely 

Therefore I try to post my little uniquely move at my web page to make people happy.

What do you say?

A bient.

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