French to the world


What is French speaking that you want to keep for lifetime

  1. Lecon   lesson
  2. Monsieur   mr, sir, gentleman
  3. Madame   mrs, madam
  4. Mais   but
  5. Plaisir   pleasure
  6. Temps   time, weather
  7. Facon   way, manner
  8. Facile   easy
  9. Gros   fat, big, large
  10. Commencer   to begin
  11. Conduire   to take, to drive
  12. Demander   to ask
  13. Joli   pretty
  14. Devenir   to become
  15. Famile   family
  16. Gentil   kind, nice
  17. Pour   for, in order to
  18. Peine   pain, panishment
  19. Petit   small, little
  20. Jouer   to play
  21. Journal   newspaper, journal, diary
  22. Journey   daytime
  23. Nuit   night
  24. Penser   to think
  25. Quoi   what
  26. Retourner   to return, to turn over
  27. Reussir   to succeed 
  28. Bien   well
  29. Bientot   soon
  30. Entrer   to come in, to go in, enter

Teddy Riner

He teddy dinner is an absolute strongest of judoka in IJF and I think all French people knows about his existence and he is a populous French person in France. His profile is amazed things that two times olympic gold medalist and 9 times world champion as +100kg.

There are so many black French sportsman with any categories and I feel like it’s meaning that a lot of migrated people are struggling to be upstart in France and in fact what to get some kind of fame or funds in France is not easily way for them and originally usually people who comes from around African nations are used to speak French as well as French does. 

By the way since 20th September it’s started game of judo world champion competition and it has huge exciting competition for all judo’s fans.

My favorite judoka are Ilias Iliad’s and teddy dinner of cause, and telma monteiro.


It’s very useful supermarket which name is Monoprix. While I stayed at France as traveler and I had been using Monoprix for shopping. For me Monoprix that is feel like one of French nostalgically thing because there is only way of spending fun time of shopping for me, in Monoprix’s case that all food’s price were good for me and all staffs were very kind to serve customer anytime. Besides I often had used to buy a couple of sliced hum and bakeries for lunch and dinner. I couldn’t enjoyed to have deliciously French cuisine in Paris. I’ve had nerve to order French in restaurant actually.

Still keep some items of French stuff for my memory and I would love to go abroad France again. 

That gate that I had struggled to enter airport from station

I am not exactly remember that happened but I had very upset to have an accident.

When I had on my way to go back my country from France and then I had arrived at airport.

But after get off train and I did put in train ticket gate’s machine to enter the gate of airport.

So such a gate’s door want tend to open for me and other people. I had feel like stupidly joke for me to not open gate of airport I didn’t believe it.

And then other people were trying to enter such a strangely gate and that gate was sometimes immediately and suddenly open at moment and they were trying to focus on it. My thought was that I’ll have missed airplane for going back to my country.

In conclusion, I did get it as I saw the appearance of others.Then, while sitting waiting for the plane at the airport, a foreign child called Jackie Chan.My recent French impression is the airport and Jackie Chan’s gate, I do not know the reason.

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