Fried noodles, yakisoba

Fried noodles

The recent meal menu is only Fried noodles, Yakisoba and bread

Breakfast menu

Three loaf of bread and low fat milk or coffee milk

Lunch menu

Fried noodle with cabbage and pork and 1 loaf of bread

Dinner menu

Same as lunch menu
Dessert is coffee milk

The daily meal cost is less than 5 dollars
I go shopping once every three days
Stop eating instant food
Yakisoba for 1 day is a low price 1 dollar
Low-Fat Milk $ 1/5
Cabbage is $ 1 per bowl
One bean sprout price is less than 3 cents

A diet that does not get fat without exercising
The snack is about 2 breads
Even if you drink low-fat milk, it doesn’t get fat

What I want to eat now


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