Full bloom time

Full bloom time

Last Saturday I saw Hanami’s feast on the way back from my job interview so I joined Hanami’s feast. However, last Saturday’s weather was cloudy and the weather was very cold, so I couldn’t fully enjoy Hanami. The fact that foreign countries are banned from drinking in the open by the domestic affairs of the country is a fact that the act of drinking while watching flowers is definitely a fresh event for foreigners. It was good to be able to feel the season of the new spring with a lot of new employees in the midtown area of noon weekdays this week. Certainly, there are some Americans who see cherry blossoms and have a cherry blossom viewing in Washington, but it is a reality that things like actually watching a flower while drinking are not yet permitted. I was able to realize that there were a lot of people doing commemorative photos against the background of the cherry blossoms and foreigners who were shooting videos and that the event of having a great time was very popular in the world. I think that there will be another Hanami feast around Yoyogi Park this Saturday, but if you are blessed with sunny weather you can not fully enjoy Hanami. The weather on this weekend friday is warm with a mild climate but some strong winds are blowing. I’m worried that the petals of the cherry blossoms will fall, and if it gets rough tomorrow, I can not fully enjoy two consecutive weeks of flower viewing.

Unexpectedly, the fact that foreigners do not drink alcohol

I actually saw the state of cherry blossom viewing on internet videos and in the field, but I learned that foreigners tend to drink less often. I had the impression that I was having a chat and drinking a meal while drinking a low alcohol content little by little. Only one can of beer can be enough to participate in the Hanami party and it is not simply drinking for drunkenness. It is sure that it is a fun time for people to chat while drinking family and friends while taking a picnic on a weekend holiday. I participated in the Hanami feast in order to film the people who actually do not drink alcohol and do Hanami, and I would like to bring liquor to this Hanami feast this week to participate.

I feel that valuable encounters can make life better and worthless things become scarce. It is reported as a fact that there is a big economic effect because there is Hanami as one of the purpose of sightseeing in Japan, and I can understand what is the demand of tourists. I often hear that simple things and ideas lead to success, and this is a life lesson. I myself have a habit of trying to force or not to produce good results, but I can not really get good results even if I try really hard. When I think while watching the petals of cherry blossoms, I remember the feeling that something is purified and I often learn something important in nature. Hanami is an act for me to be inspired not only by plant appreciation but from the power of nature, and I think that the existence of flowers is great for humans and life forms.

Hanami = Flower appreciation X

Hanami = Life lessons from nature and inspiration ○

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