Gain important things by losing


Gain important things by losing

I couldn’t get anything important by self-defense.
Until now I was thorough to defend.
I have recently realized that attack is the greatest defense.
The reason for having to keep changing jobs is a simple story.
I can’t get a good job because I don’t have enough education.
Poverty and many children are the worst environment.
My potential for understanding is low.
I feel that the feelings of anger are increasing over sadness.
Do I have to work hard again?
I feel angry that I can’t live a good job.
Began to be interested in the world of death.
It is true that there is less obsession with living.
I can’t change my job to a good company, and I’m desperate for the situation where I can’t enter a vocational school.
I am a socially ineligible person and was born by God imprinting a socially unfit person.
There is nothing to lose anymore.

Try to lose

I want to lose everything and start my life again.
I don’t know if my experience and skills are useful.
He threw away useful items such as cars, washing machines and refrigerators.
All that remains is a bed, a desktop computer, a laptop, the Bible, old clothes and tableware.
Recently, the viscera deteriorated and creative activities stopped.
Life without support is inconvenient, but this is for free daily life.
He recalls his great career without thinking deeply about real-world situations.

Mass stability

He keeps eating and drinking and looking at a living person.
I live honestly.
Tired of living lying to yourself.
The comfortable moments are when you lose consciousness in the bed and before bedtime.
The masses are simply looking for a fun time with extravagance.
Because I don’t want to lose, I can understand the feelings of the masses that are embracing social stability.
Should I join a part of the masses?

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