Contrasty it’s easily to take permanent residence visa of these countries as second mother country.

  • Canada🇨🇦
  • Newzealand🇳🇿
  • Germany🇩🇪
  • Japan🇯🇵


Now I am very interesting about Georgia for immigration.

As I searched for immigration that controversially it’s not difficult to take permanent residence visa of Georgia.

Possible things in Georgia’s case

  • Resist in Georgia for a year without any visa
  • Easily to start a business as entrepreneur
  • Cost of living for a month is almost 500 dollars.

Georgia my curious nation
It’s great journey that you can try staying at foreign country for a year. If you like it, you gonna be better to start a business to take permanent residence visa there.
What do you say?
Thanks for reading
God bless you
yasunari kayama 🌍🇬🇪

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