global warming

How do you think about worlds population?

This is crisis situation that always increasing respectably life everyday. It will be explored number of population in future and by government analysts in 2050 that the number of population in this world is 10,000,000,000.

What is gonna happened to our food?

Is there remains plenty energies?

This is progressing global warm problem and it will be sinking islands and continents, all of the worlds place.

I would say it that everyone might stop increasing life anymore

  1. Use condom
  2. Plan around places
  3. Burn desires

Some single persons who wants lover are need to stifle sexual desire and be patient. I often try to objective viewing oneself and adjusting my own perspective. However we all people cant afford to make happen what to preserve global problems.

American winter

Recently Ive watched US documentary film, American winter. The content of this film that several families had lost job and struggle to paycheck to paycheck every month. Remaining impression of their remarks that keep our house or keep water and it must sell own blood to survive for children, ….

I had never been to US before, I would say it that I want to face their real lifes situation gap between reality and unreality.

It seems that to live in US is basically too cost every month. Actually some American people who enjoys to travel around world are being high status of social class. Therefore I cant see US people who are on working class.


. Health insurance

. Pension

. Public paycheck (water, gas, elect, etc)


I just worrying about global warming now. Actually I feel like it has weird weathers condition everywhere everyday. I cant afford to expect that it will be all right in further future. Such a humans appearances is like ironically thing.

No kissing, no hugging, no touching, no dating with boyfriend or girlfriend are nonsense for you?  If you knew such as taste of love, you gonna be out of control any situation. Uhhh… love or global warming. I am wondering now.

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