The work to solve the problem does not end until you die

I have no time to rest on the problems I solved yesterday
Also new issues are being added today
We have to solve the problem
Don’t run away from reality
I think it’s great to think about various issues
Life without problems will cause human beings to fall
So God provides the problem to defend human beings
Our thoughts growing in society are positive

Surfing for a long time is dangerous

My internet surfing time is up to 2 hours
I always have a habit of organizing thoughts when I have information
Regular abode life
Occasional time to luxury
However, the environment where we can luxury is shrinking

I face the problem every day

Most foreigners don’t want to talk about business
Most Japanese are non-religious
I would like to talk about the challenges on the topic
Why are you so addicted to entertainment and pleasure?
Are you tired of entertainment and pleasure?

A three o’clock snack after finishing my homework is delicious

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