Go to bed after learning


Go to bed after learning

We strive to improve our scholarship for a good night’s sleep.
I decided to eliminate evil things so as not to interfere with my creative activities anymore.
I realize that it is nonsense to make unnecessary perceptions.
But today, shocking news has stopped his creative work.
Disgust peaked at problems in Belarus, Turkey, Azerbaijan and European countries.
It was raining today.
I was thinking of working in a shopping mall in the afternoon.
However, due to bad weather, he continued to work at home in the afternoon.
I needed to change the way I work.
And I felt the limit to getting bad information and creating while listening to the sound sources of the radio and news programs so far.
I thought about true uplifting.
It feels stressful and nauseous in the landscape of stupid and sensitive people around the age of 20 acting without considering the future.
I can’t see any more stupid depictions.
Absolute expansion of scholarship is essential there.

Scholarship and belief

How to make money.
How to improve relationships.
Body fashion.

What I am missing now is the suffering necessary for my creative activities.
But the only suffering I have is stress on society.
I was aiming to be a person of common sense by perceiving incidents, accidents and events all over the world.
I realized it was unnecessary for the creator.
Certainly there is no absoluteness, truthfulness or good morals in what is published daily.
Nationality and race were irrelevant to human beings who were excited about stories such as making money and physical desire.
I think you should concentrate on immersing yourself in your own world in order to increase your rarity.
I try to see the soul, not the surface of the existence of those who are getting the bad pleasures of consuming.
In short, the soul is the point of interest.
Seeing unpleasant breaking news and low-moral depictions of humans in the afternoon caused considerable mental damage.
I immediately turned off my computer, opened Plato’s Philosophy Book, and read it in the kitchen.

Learn anyway and finish the day

I recommend putting a good book next to your bet.
Do not go to bed, remembering stupid depictions and uncultivated things.
I think human beings should be educated life forms forever.
You can get a good night’s sleep after getting a good education in the futon.
A sense of fulfillment and a sense of culture will lead to a good night’s sleep.

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