God bless greta thunberg


Measures against global warming

Global warming countermeasure that I am thinking

  1. Population diminution by contraception
  2. Calm down the leisure industry
  3. Promote inconvenience

A sad story that respiration is also a good greenhouse gas

It is wonderful that a Swedish girl is alarming global warming. There are a lot of people impressed in various countries around the world and we are in a crisis situation. However, there is no concrete talk about measures against global warming. It is possible to prevent global warming by inconveniencing the lives of contemporary people filled with desires. But I have doubts about what the cause of human creature is.

Huge human problems

Honest talk I have wanted to travel overseas so far but now I do not feel like wanting to travel abroad much. A large amount of fuel is consumed from the aircraft used for traveling and greenhouse gases are scattered during flight. Even if you swim across the Pacific to America, the heat from the body will be released and warm the sea. The presence of living beings themselves has greenhouse gases. The way to dramatically reduce the number of people on the planet becomes a cruel story. I can not do anything for people who run a car to go shopping at supermarket with a calm feeling. You can imagine the sight of people who are soaked with socks every day with seawater. It is no use trying to solidify ice water once melted into ice.

Still the mistake is the real pleasure of human beings

I thought about how to live well in a ruined world. Let’s see..

. I have to build a high floor style house

. Capture seafood in places with a lot of nature

I will be living on the sea surface watching a scene where a large amount of garbage and chemical pollutants are floating. Over the last few years the area of the beach due to sea level rise will shrink from abnormal weather and cancer patients will increase.

Population decline recommendation!!!!!!!!!

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