God bless us

Jesus christ

I want to know what the future will be with policies that do not doubt God believe.

I think that preparations for moving out will be almost completed in yesterday and I will grasp the detailed procedures thoroughly.

There are various reasons why it is uneasy whether you can actually move out.

The condition of the digestive tract stomach and colon has been getting worse since 4 years ago and I am currently striving to improve gastrointestinal tract with natural treatment. I had suffered disc herniation once and cured completely after surgery seven years ago, but back pain still occasionally develops even after surgery. It became easy to suffer from a cold because of age, it is one of anxiety factors that impedes work. Moving out will be postponed if I feel bad at the timing of moving and if I postpone it will be delayed for the time being. Whether I can postpone within a year if postponed is not certain.

Let’s leave the direction of life to God

Tomorrow I will bring unwanted garbage to the garbage disposal town. Because there is no car I have to go by bus, the bus fare for $ 2 one way is fairly hard. I am excited ahead of the new entry, but I feel like I do not mind studying while working part-time at home like this. It is possible to come back to the local countryside from the city and it is conceivable that it is a thing to forget that preparing in preparation for emergency and making a mental attitude should be forgotten.

It is not good if you are too optimistic, even if you are too pessimistic

I think that preserving the balance is important in life if we consider the theory that the world is made up of well-trimmed wavelengths. I do not know what will happen, but I must hopefully make a positive effort and I hope that I will be able to produce good results and I want to keep interest in new things from now on.

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