Gogh and yasunari


About art

  • I archive my paint arts, still not complete arts I think.
  • Such a overwhelm art making is what I want. it’s hard to paint in heat room however and swear a lot.
    When I wake up in early morning and then go out of roadwork for a hour and not eat breakfast.
    I am always hoping to improve my skill day by day and working on now.
    Right now I am very tired because of heat temperature in this summer season and feel sickness.
    But it is not allow to choose easy way of living so gonna have to take discipline everyday. tired…..

  • What do I think about?
  • Burning fat in body that extra fat is unnecessary stuff for our life and so I think I am supposed to go out of boring area and I requiring hard training everyday. But I can’t impose todo that on other persons. I can see such a considerable fat. I think the authentic guy is already got it that need to be patient for ideals.

  • Destination
  • When do you think we are going to arrive at real place which you can spend sweet pastime?
    Recently I had made some decisions for a while, it should prior my best ideal without a cause.
    We are struggling to live altogether and getting old everyday, someday we’re willing to be die .
    That’s impossible to escape from destiny which is dead. Which one you can choose ways is one is flower farm situation and another one is which our guess is.


    Always I just think as if you may seek for stable method for living
    Hoping to process everything as good as intellectual students are doing well
    I was stand on degradation place which kind of backstreet is
    someone has let me reschedule until next year
    I don’t even know what’s happened to my upcoming dates
    I bought valuable MacBook and camera, two month ago
    If I had chosen to study abroad to Canada, probably I am disappointing at my judgement in past
    It was suddenly incident that I realized to do what I have to choose the best way
    Think of further future in 2025 to 2045 between 20 years
    I thought…..
    Challenging after I retired in 2050 and then I’ll be challenged something
    Wish doing something as long as alive

    He tend to care of death in order to find the answer out and check out something right now. Usually around person who wants kind of stuffs for joining with outmeasure or low desire. He is going to tell them truly story about what his father was saying it, in our heart at the time, one day one moment, it is repeating trend money to stuffs or services. He don’t wanna take same moments and such as boring days any more. Surely we all people have to solve in front of realistic badly incidents right now right there, he wants them to feel something like spiritual way from society.

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