Going my way


I have no choice but to go with me

I think that everyone draws the ideal

I think that everyone holds the existence of longing

But there are things that you can not necessarily do what you think you can do if you live in the world

After all it’s only to go on my way

I have never tried to succeed in my life

I want you to see the fact that the environment, face, body and personality that I grew up was decided

I do not have to hide any more, so I wish I could steadily speak the truth from now on

I do not want to regret any more in my life Because I am strong, that feeling will not change

I want you to believe in fate first

It is not a bad thing to be disappointed and desperate

Human beings can not change personality or appearance

I hope to share good value of happiness I wish I can live friendly with each other

I think that I’d like to do economic activities and human activities on my own

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