The most clear character is Gonzales.
He always smiles.
In fact, there are people who always smile and smile in the real world.
There is no more mood maker than Gonzalez.
His cheerful atmosphere contributes to the continued activity of the group.
But Gonzalez also has his own worries and his own personal problems.
That’s a very realistic and interesting part.
The origin of his life as a Jamaican American is parties and fun relationships.
It’s just the exact opposite of me.
Depicting him is a challenge and a difficult task for me.
Because I can’t read his emotional tendency.
It is very difficult for an introverted artist to describe the emotional tendency of an extroverted human being.

Socialist states and Latin America

To portray Gonzalez, one needs to study the Latin American world of his birthplace.
To be sure, many Latin Americans emigrate to the United States to improve their economic success and living standards.
The problems of refugees to the United States have arisen due to political turmoil in Latin American countries.
Gonzalez’s father also emigrated to the United States in search of the richness of his life in the United States.
Gonzalez knows that he can endure poverty by convincing him of equal social security.
In fact, Gonzales can participate in tree-planting activities by strict organizations because he himself is from a socialist state.
The national character of his hometown of Jamaica is very cheerful and extroverted.
It is an exemplary national character for the closed society of a very capitalist nation.

The true appearance of Gonzales

He loves dance and parties with a reggae style of music.
He himself feels stress in his daily work.
Most refugees live in a homogenous community.
But Gonzalez is open to other races and groups.
Because he is simply a curious person.
The reason why he does not have a sense of competitiveness and greed is the sense of equality and peaceful values ​​of socialism.
After all, human beings cannot get happiness with things and pleasures.
Gonzalez’s optimism over the fact that he will die someday is transcendent.
He has the same attitude towards all groups in the organization.
And Gonzalez wants to talk to anyone casually.
Gonzalez does not look painful even in serious situations.
Very optimistic thinking accounts for 70% of his mental state at that time.

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